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I support numerous countries around the world, developing their emissions inventories, providing training and capacity building

Chris Dore, Director

Chris has been working in air quality and climate change for more than 30 years and is recognised as one of Europe’s leading experts in air pollutant emissions. He is a technical advisor to the United Nations (UN), the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, the UK Government, and has worked with more than 50 national governments around the world. In 2020 he was placed 4th in Fairforce's global top 100 environmental data entrepreneurs.

As the Chair of the UN’s Taskforce on Emission Inventories and Projections, Chris is responsible for the development of emissions inventory methodologies contained in the EMEP/EEA Emissions Inventory Guidebook – the central reference manual for air quality pollutant emissions inventories. He has also authored international guidance for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions.

He is a UNFCCC qualified expert, reviewing greenhouse gas emission inventories from countries around the world, and is widely recognised for his leading role in reviewing and improving air pollutant emission inventories across Europe. His expertise is supported by a broad knowledge of relevant science, in particular atmospheric and environmental physics and chemistry.

Chris uses his knowledge and skills to support numerous countries around the world. He has helped with developing emissions inventories, creating policy support tools, delivering capacity building, and he provides particularly engaging training that results in long-lasting benefits. He has worked extensively with countries across Europe, Asia, and is increasingly involved with work in African countries. In the UK, Chris has provided scientific support to the Government for many years, including a secondment to the Air Quality Science and Evidence team in Defra. He is currently a member of AQEG, and sits on experts panels that provide support on international collaboration and development of the UK’s emissions inventory programme (NAEI).

Chris is one of Aether’s founding Directors, and in addition to his technical work is the HR Director, overseeing the wellbeing and development of 25 staff.

Prior to founding Aether, Chris was the Programme Director of the NAEI, leading a team of 20 technical staff, with overall responsibility for the UK’s air quality and climate change emission inventories.

Away from work Chris enjoys playing softball, running, cycling and swimming. He also tries to make time for playing music, painting and occasionally unicycling.

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  • Science based air quality and climate change policy development
  • Emissions inventory compilation (air quality and greenhouse gases), inventory review, improvement, methodological compliance, management and QA/QC procedures 
  • International training and capacity building
  • National representation in the international arena, on expert panels, and chairing meetings. 
  • Project and programme management

Contact me: +44 1865 261 466

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