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Luton Council Net Zero Roadmap and Climate Policy and Action Plan

Aether, alongside SE2 and associate Joanne Wade, developed a Net Zero Roadmap and Climate Policy and Action Plan to support the council in its vision of a net zero town by 2040.

The challenge 

Luton Borough Council declared a climate emergency in 2020. As part of Luton’s 2040 vision, the council has committed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the council estate to net zero and lead the way to a net zero town by 2040. The vision for Luton 2020-2040 is built around a single unifying mission for everyone in Luton - to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive and no-one has to live in poverty. Luton suffers from one of the highest poverty rates in the country and therefore action on climate change needs to support Luton in delivering on its strategic priorities of securing strong economic recovery, alleviating the impact of poverty and reducing health inequalities.

Luton Borough Council contracted Aether, together with SE2 and associate Joanne Wade, to provide support in outlining the route to net zero for both the council and borough through development of a Net Zero Roadmap and Action Plan.  

The solution

Aether and partners provided support through a variety of tasks. We:

  • Defined the boundary of which emission sources are included in the net zero target 
  • Compiled an emissions baseline for the borough and council estate
  • Conducted stakeholder workshops
  • Produced a Climate Policy and Action Plan and Net Zero Roadmap

Aether produced an emissions baseline for the borough of Luton using latest available datasets, including emissions from activities at London Luton Airport. Compiling an emissions baseline allowed for a greater understanding of the key emission sources in the area, and therefore where action should be prioritised.

The baseline emission estimates were presented at a variety of stakeholder workshops for the council, local businesses, and community groups to initiate discussions on the approach to achieving net zero. The stakeholder workshops also covered identification of potential actions to reduce emissions, possible barriers with implementing these actions, and identification of solutions to overcome these barriers.

Aether and partners used these discussions, in addition to a policy gap analysis and a review of best practice actions for sectoral decarbonisation, to produce a Climate Policy and Action Plan document. A summary of this action plan was then visually presented in the Net Zero Roadmap. The Roadmap lists priorities and key actions for the main sources of carbon emissions at a local level and defines three main stages on the pathway to net zero: Foundations (what we can do to start the journey), Scaling Up (how we will make this work across multiple sectors) and Reaching Net Zero (widespread implementation of actions).

The result

Luton Borough Council now has an improved understanding of the scale and types of actions required within the borough to work towards their net zero target. The council also has an improved awareness of where it can use its influence to reduce emissions in the borough as well as indicative timeframes to progress the actions identified. The Net Zero Roadmap and draft climate change policy and action plan are currently out for public consultation


The next steps for Luton Borough Council will be to consider the comments received during the consultation process, to make positive changes and to make demands of Central Government to enable the significant changes that are required to meet the challenges of reaching net zero carbon. 


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Kirsten May

Senior Consultant

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Don't just take our word for it...

“Chris was excellent to work with and always very pro active in making suggestions, taking work forward and applying his considerable technical knowledge in effective ways.”

Robert Vaughan, Defra Air Quality Team

“Saint Lucia embraces the professional approach with which this project was undertaken by Aether, particularly their ability to develop mentorship relations with local government experts. This provides a basis for ensuring that the pool of local experts remain engaged and recognized over successive processes.”

Annette Rattigan-Leo, Chief Sustainable Development and Environment Officer

“Professional team and very collaborative communication. Effective result in terms of suggestions for improvement in the quality of the inventory and proposals on how to streamline specific topics.”

Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research

“The Aether team were a joy to work with and I would recommend the consultancy - the service provided throughout the process was exceptional. Where there were problems, they provided solutions. The team were working to very short time scales but were able to deliver a high quality piece of work within the specified time frame.”

Sefton Council - for the Merseyside Atmospheric Emissions Inventory

“Engaging Aether to support us to develop the first GHG Inventory System and first Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) for the United Republic of Tanzania has been a rewarding experience due to their high level of professionalism, creativity, timeliness and value for money. We will definitely consider Aether in our future initiatives.”

Abbas Kitogo, Programme Specialist Energy and Climate Change, UNDP Tanzania

“It has been a pleasure to work with Chris Dore and Richard Claxton from Aether: they did their job in a very professional and timely manner. The workshop was organized and carried out in a cooperative spirit; the information provided to the workshop participants was complete and clear.”

Alina Novikova, UN/ECE Secretariat

“The Aether team were a joy to work with and I would recommend the consultancy - the service provided throughout the process was exceptional.”

Clare Bayley, Defra

“I must congratulate each of you for your professional and tireless efforts. Let me point out that this has been the 'neatest' in-country review expert review team I have coordinated, and it has been a real pleasure.”

UNFCCC Secretariat

“Both the face-to-face training and the online version have been of high quality, with dynamic methods and a practical orientation that have allowed students to reach a solid knowledge base. The products have been delivered within the stipulated deadlines with an excellent quality and the team has always shown willingness to make adjustments according to the requirements of CONAF. We are very satisfied with the work. ”

Javier Cano Martín, Professional Unit for Climate Change and Environmental Services, CONAF (National Forestry Corporation), Chile

“The support provided by Aether for this project was especially remarkable considering the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tools and methods used in order to engage local stakeholders really added value to the capacity building of the national team.”

Shanna Emmanuel, Saint Lucia BUR Project Coordinator

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