Recent air quality assessments by Aether

25 April 2022

Over the last six months, the air quality assessment team have been working on many detailed assessments for housing schemes and industrial sites as well as mitigation strategies, low emission strategies and air quality neutral and positive statements for developers.

Recent examples include an air quality assessment for the proposed development of Caversham Park near Reading. From 1943, the site was home to BBC monitoring and related uses; however, in recent years the BBC has been winding down its operations. The project will consist of redevelopment of the existing buildings to create 66 assisted living apartments, a 64 bed care home, as well as an additional 94 houses and apartments around the site. The ADMS-Roads dispersion model was used to determine the impact of emissions from road on sensitive receptors traffic both without and with development and predicted concentrations were compared with the air quality objectives. The impact of the development was deemed to be negligible; however, the development will install electric charging points, a travel plan is being provided and air source heat pumps will be used for heating to minimise emissions arising from the site.

Another example includes the development of a mitigation strategy for a proposed Lidl store in Gillingham, Kent. The assessment used Medway Council’s Air Quality Planning Guidance document and Defra’s 2020 damage cost guidance to calculate the total damage cost of the expected traffic generation over a five-year period. This information was then combined with the cost of mitigation actions that Lidl are taking including the installation of multiple solar photovoltaic panels on the store roof and electric vehicle charging points to ensure that appropriate mitigation was being provided.

For further information on our air quality assessment work, please see our AQA service pages. 


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“The team at Aether works very professionally and communicates very well which makes working with them a pleasure. Outputs are delivered on time to high quality. The team brings the rigour of technical knowledge and expertise and finds innovative ways of communicating complex messages. I would be happy to recommend the Aether team to organisations working on analysing and presenting emissions information in the public domain.”

Fiona Glover, States of Jersey

“Aether delivered training workshops and generated learning materials for our SSN members, providing technical content in a manageable and comprehendible format. We particularly benefitted from their extensive knowledge and ability to interpret the needs of our members into the training materials.”

Jennifer Anderson, Sustainable Scotland Network

“A heartfelt thank you to all the Aether team for this very comprehensive review – this is certainly turning out to be one of the most beneficial capacity building projects I have ever been involved in.”

Saviour Vassallo, Senior Environment Protection Officer, Malta Resources Authority

“It is always an absolute pleasure working with Aether. I always know what is expected of me. Their work ethic is of a very high standard and projects are always handled in a very professional manner. I have learnt many skills in terms of project management, quality control and workshop training styles from Aether and I hope to carry these principles forward in my own work. I look forward to collaborating with Aether more in the future.”

Luanne Stevens, Gondwana

“Both the face-to-face training and the online version have been of high quality, with dynamic methods and a practical orientation that have allowed students to reach a solid knowledge base. The products have been delivered within the stipulated deadlines with an excellent quality and the team has always shown willingness to make adjustments according to the requirements of CONAF. We are very satisfied with the work. ”

Javier Cano Martín, Professional Unit for Climate Change and Environmental Services, CONAF (National Forestry Corporation), Chile

“Aether's approach to couple innovative visualisation with high expertise manpower delivered valuable insights for our inventory work.”

Umweltbundesamt (Germany)

“It has been a pleasure to work with Chris Dore and Richard Claxton from Aether: they did their job in a very professional and timely manner. The workshop was organized and carried out in a cooperative spirit; the information provided to the workshop participants was complete and clear.”

Alina Novikova, UN/ECE Secretariat

“Chris was excellent to work with and always very pro active in making suggestions, taking work forward and applying his considerable technical knowledge in effective ways.”

Robert Vaughan, Defra Air Quality Team

“The Aether team were a joy to work with and I would recommend the consultancy - the service provided throughout the process was exceptional.”

Clare Bayley, Defra

“I must congratulate each of you for your professional and tireless efforts. Let me point out that this has been the 'neatest' in-country review expert review team I have coordinated, and it has been a real pleasure.”

UNFCCC Secretariat

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