Ana Gomes Principal Consultant


I take the technical lead on air quality assessments and support a wide range of projects, including AQ/GHG inventory compilation and the development of MRV systems.

Ana Gomes, Principal Consultant

Ana has over 12 years’ experience as an environmental professional with over 8 years’ in the field of air quality. Having worked internationally in a variety of environmental sectors, Ana has gained extensive experience of managing a wide range of projects and working successfully with a broad spectrum of clients, including developers, architects, planning consultants and regulatory authorities. Ana has particular expertise in ambient air quality modelling, monitoring and assessment using modelling software ADMS. She has produced several air quality environmental impact assessments for large mixed-use developments, dust and odour nuisance assessments and carried out ambient monitoring surveys. Ana is also an experienced user of mapping software including ArcGIS.



Projects include:

Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessments for a number of industrial, residential and commercial developments using dispersion modelling software ADMS and DMRB methodology.
Project managing Aether’s support to Bulgaria for the production and management of the air quality inventory
Update the air quality inventory for Abu Dhabi, emission projections and emission maps. Ana is contribution to the road transport sector emissions update.
Project managing Azerbaijan International Climate Transparency and Finance (CBIT) to meet the requirements of enhanced transparency framework of the Paris agreement, encompassing activities such as review of documentation to the leading of improvements within the GHG inventory system, delivering comprehensive training, NDC tracking system and Climate Finance tracking system.


When not at work, Ana enjoys exploring historical places and the great outdoors.

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  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for planning and permitting
  • Project management
  • Air pollution dispersion modelling
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Data processing, analysis and reporting

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