Roxy Cottey Senior Consultant


I support international development, provide corporate sustainability guidance, and aid environmental regulation compliance.

Roxy Cottey, Senior Consultant

Roxy supports our work in the international development market, working with countries in Africa and Central and South America to build capacities to meet the reporting requirements under the Paris Agreement’s Enhanced Transparency Framework.

Roxy also provides corporate sustainability advisory to private sector clients, including GHG accounting guidance, sustainability statements, gap analysis and data improvement plans.

Roxy works with the EEA as Secretariat to support the National Emissions Ceilings Directive (NECD) review and GHG Initial Checks to support the efficient running of the inventory review process. She also supports Aether’s work with the UK’s Devolved Administrations GHG and AQ inventories.

Prior to joining Aether, Roxy worked in land development and planning, providing climate change adaptation and mitigation services, GHG emissions assessments and sustainability statements to support planning applications. She worked across a range of sectors including residential, commercial, road infrastructure and renewable energy schemes. This includes both standalone assessments and as part of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

Roxy is an avid knitter, steadily building up a colourful collection of handmade jumpers.

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  • Enhanced Transparency Framework and MRV systems
  • Sustainability and GHG emissions assessments
  • Inventory compilation
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Project management

Contact me: +44 1865 261 466

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